Our new name

From our beginnings in 1987, community banking has been a cornerstone of HCC Marketing’s business. Over that time we have worked with many community banks across New England to help them differentiate themselves from their competitors and build deeper, longer lasting relationships with their customers.

As we move into 2016, we are redoubling our focus on community banking. While we will continue to maintain relationships and work with a small number of not-for-profit clients, virtually all of our efforts will be directed toward better serving our bank clients and helping them execute thoughtful, focused and strategic marketing solutions. To that end, on January 1, 2016, we will be renaming the company Community Bank Marketing Solutions.

At first blush this name change may seem somewhat superficial, as outwardly not much is changing, however, our new name will serve to remind us every day what we stand for and what we have committed ourselves to – developing highly effective marketing solutions for our community bank clients.

As community banks continue to be squeezed between the pressure of their larger (and even virtual) competitors and their state/federal regulators, marketing will play an ever-increasing strategic role in mitigating that pressure and driving growth. And as the competitive and media landscapes continue to evolve, the tactics that have worked in the past will also need to evolve and new strategies will be needed. We will strive to be on the forefront of those solutions.

While most of our work has historically been centered on marketing communications, we know that marketing also includes product development, pricing, and distribution; and we will focus on further expanding those services and identifying strategic partners to help bring those broader capabilities to our clients.

We are deeply appreciative and fortunate to have the client relationships that we have and we look forward to working with them more in the years ahead.