About Us

Thoughtful. Focused. Strategic.

What we do

We work with community banks that believe marketing can be a strategic advantage.

By focusing on a single category we are able to stay on the forefront of that industry. Whether it is product development, pricing or distribution, our focus is on how it impacts you and your customers.

By working with a select number of banks, we can provide the attention and support you need to accomplish your goals.


While it is not the focus of what we do, we also work with community not-for-profit organizations. Whether its helping to employ the disabled or promote substance abuse prevention, like community banks, local not-for-profits play a vital role in supporting their communities. And we try to do what we can to help.

Why we do it

Community banks are the keystones of America. You are the fuel that drives our local economies and collectively our national economy. You help first-time homebuyers purchase a new home, parents save for their children’s educations and small businesses open and expand. You support local charities and other not-for-profits that make a real difference and strengthen the fabric of our communities.

As experienced bank marketing professionals our goal is to differentiate you in ways that are meaningful to your communities and then help you execute strategically grounded marketing initiatives that deepen relationships. Ultimately, we help you to become market leaders and have an even more positive impact on the communities you serve.

Scope of services

When we talk about “marketing” we mean leveraging all four Ps (product, price, place and promotion) and understanding the interplay of the three Cs (company, competition and customers). We believe that a marketing strategy that leverages all available tools brings the best results.

By having collectively spent decades working for Banks (on both the agency and bank sides) we can directly or through our network of partners provide a broad spectrum of services:

Strategic Planning

  • Brand positioning
  • Marketing plans
  • Budget development
  • Market research

Marketing department organizational design

Marketing Communications

  • Corporate identification
  • Advertising
  • Merchandising
  • Direct marketing
  • Website development
  • Social media
  • Public relations

Product development and pricing

Distribution planning

Media strategy, planning, and buying

Customer analytics

What we promise

To deepen relationships and strengthen communities by providing community banks with exceptional, results-driven marketing strategy and execution.

We will build a sustainably profitable company by helping our clients empower their customers and surpass their business goals. By exceeding the expectations of our clients and fairly rewarding our colleagues, we will build strong relationships that are long lasting and mutually beneficial.

We will attract and retain colleagues who are curious, passionate and motivated by creating an environment that is enjoyable, fair and respectful and where hard work, integrity and insightful thinking are expected and rewarded.

We will encourage the professional and personal development of our colleagues by providing supportive programs, policies and resources.

We will work with a select number of clients who treat their customers, colleagues and partners with respect; and who, beyond seeking a reasonable return, are committed to improving the communities they serve.

We will support the communities in which we live and work by committing our individual and collective resources.

Deepening relationships. Strengthening communities.